Learn. Improve. Play

Over the last fifteen years or so, I've helped hundreds of people improve their abilities on the instrument, and to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of music in general. My philosophy about teaching is rooted firmly in the enjoyment of playing itself. I have no pre-set or generic study materials. Every lesson is 100% tailor made for you, because we're all different and we each like to learn in different ways. Together, we'll find the best way to take your playing to the next level.
Because of my many different playing experiences within the music industry, I'm able to offer you insightful real-world advice that will help you reach your goals quickly and to cut through any confusing (or incorrect) information out there that you may have stumbled upon in the past.
There are so many fascinating topics to explore when learning guitar and I'm equally interested and enthusiastic about them all. The kind of things you might like to learn about could be:
Chord knowledge & strumming
Improvising & guitar solos
Rhythm playing & groove
Improving technical abilities
Playing "by ear"
Transcribing music
Improvising your own guitar solos
Theory knowledge
Recording, gigging, equipment advice
Music Industry advice
If there's anything else you'd like to know or discuss, feel free to get in touch with me and I'll be happy to help. 


Q: Where do you teach?
A: Due to Covid-19, lessons are available online only until further notice. 
Q: What do you teach?
A: Whatever YOU want ! But If you have no idea then that's fine too. I will provide you with options and guidance throughout to help you reach your playing goals. 

Q: How much are guitar lessons?
A: 1/2 hour = £30 & 1 hour = £50

Q: Do I need to be able to read music?
A: Absolutely not. I teach students to play predominantly "by ear" meaning that you will have the ability to express your musical ideas instantly, and at all times without having to refer to any sheets. If however you would like to learn how to read music, then of course that is available too.

Q: How often do I need to have lessons?
A: For complete beginners and intermediate players, once a week is ideal. You'll progress very quickly in the earlier stages of learning, so I wouldn't suggest having fewer than 1 lesson every 2 weeks. 

Q; What should I do if I want to know anything else?
A: Contact me ! I'll be happy to give you any advice you need over the phone or via e-mail.

Reviews from pupils

"Having had my guitar about a year and only learnt a few basic chords I went to see Allan; best idea ever! After just one lesson he taught some really good tips and tricks to improve my playing and gave me the confidence to try out lots more songs. Allan makes it enjoyable, keeps it simple and tailors it to what you want to do and play. Would definitely recommend, great teacher and nice guy!" - Nick 

"Great lessons. A brilliant guitarist and patient teacher - I've made more progress in the last couple of months than I did in the previous year" - Chris

"I would without doubt recommend Allan as all the guitar teacher you need, he can take a complicated subject matter and simplify it in a very eloquent manner - very much makes you feel totally at ease and I have found my playing has gone from strength to strength so much quicker with Allan teaching me" - Mike