need Professional guitar parts on your next track?

Why not send me your song or project and I'll record the guitar parts for you at my home studio!

All you need to do is provide a brief description of what you'd like to hear, maybe an MP3 or a rough mix, and I'll do the rest. The finished articles will be sent back to you in the format of your choice to mix into your project. You can even use Skype to work with me in real-time as I'm recording. 

Whether it's Contemporary Pop & Rock, Vintage Blues, Funk, Jazz, RnB or pretty much anything else,  I've been lucky enough to have had many different musical experiences which enable me to bring authentic sounding, creative guitar parts to your music. I especially love to lay down grooving rhythm guitar parts, but of course if you require a catchy melody, funky single note lines, beautiful acoustic textures or FX heavy electric guitars, I will work with you to make sure everything sounds just the way you'd like. 

Alongside state of the art recording equipment, I use a a wide range of guitars, amps, microphones & signal processors in order to create gorgeous recorded guitar tones. I'm a firm believer that finding the right sound for the song, is just as important as playing the right part, so I make every effort to ensure that both elements complement each-other perfectly. I can even send you "wet" and "dry" versions of the recorded parts in order to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to the final mix. 

I like to think that I'm very easy to work with, and (diary permitting) I can turn sessions around very quickly, so it's no problem if you have a deadline to meet. Lastly, I'm just as excited as you are about making the best music possible, I absolutely love it, so please feel free to get in touch with me to talk about your project, and I'll help in any way possible. 


"Allan Salmon is THE best guitarist that I know, and I know a few! He can play any style effortlessly and he's added so much of his own creativity to my albums. He's also one of the nicest and humblest guys that I know. Highly recommend” - Steve Rodgers (Artiste)

"Allan is one of the best guitarists I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Great sounds, great tone, great performance, great ideas and great to be around. His ability to listen through to some parts once and then record them note perfect saved us a lot of time when working on this particular project. - Thanks Allan!" - James Birt (producer) /

“Allan is simply one of the most tasteful & versatile players I have ever come into contact with. I've known him  for about 8 years and always look forward to working with him. He's a good guy & a great player. If anyone ever asks me to recommend a guitarist, he's at the very top of my list” - Damien Edwards (Artiste)

"Allan has a great guitar tone and technique. It made my job easier and more productive working with someone who understands the recording process and how to achieve the right guitar sound for the song."  - Jez Larder (producer)

“Talented, happy, can do attitude. Learns material quickly and well, fun to be around and a damn good guitarist” - Fil Straughan (Artiste) 

“Al is an extremely versatile guitarist, rock, funk, jazz, pop, soul, blues, he's got the lot going on, he is the chord maester, a great rhythm and lead player with tons of atmosphere and feel to his playing. He is a very fast learner of material and a total pleasure to work with. I was honoured to have him play on my album” - Charlie James (Artiste)

“Allan is one of the most gifted guitarists I’ve ever worked with. He played guitar in several videos for the Andertons TV You-Tube channel – videos that have been watched by 100'000+ people, and there are 1000s of positive comments about his playing. As well as being talented, he’s easy to get along with & very professional in work” - Lee Anderton (Andertons Music Company)