The same top quality tuition, from the comfort of your own home!

All you need is a computer or phone with a camera, and a WIFI connection. It's really simple ! 

"I can understand that people who haven't tried Skype guitar lessons before might be sceptical of how effective this method could be, or worry that it may be difficult from a technical point of view. This is precisely why I offer a free 30 min trial lesson to prove to everyone just how brilliant and easy they are! During this free consultation I get a chance to meet my students and really understand what they'd like to learn, and If needs be offer advice on anything technical such as camera positioning.

Many of my students have converted from standard lessons over to Skype because it's just such an easy and convenient way for them to have regular lessons and progress effectively. The quality of tuition is exactly the same as if someone were here with me in person -  We can see and hear each other perfectly. 
I create an online folder for each student and upload any lesson materials (such as notation, backing tracks, recorded examples, diagrams) so that they're instantly and permanently available to view or download. Students can use  all of these during the lessons in real-time too.

I teach people from all over the world via Skype, from beginners right up to expert level, and every single student is entirely satisfied with the experience. To re-cap then: 
It's cheaper, there's no travel time or traffic jams to deal with, there are no pieces of paper to loose, and the quality of tuition is exactly the same. Personally I think Skype is fast becoming THE way to learn guitar"  

GIVE IT A GO..... IT'S FREE !!!!

Reviews from pupils

"learning over Skype is working really well for me as I work such long hours, often travelling abroad for work, so it means I can still have a real person (who really, REALLY knows his onions) teach me wherever I am!" - Mike

"I was a little sceptical of having guitar lessons over Skype as I think I preferred the idea of being with someone face to face, but after my trial lesson I was totally convinced. I learned just as much (if not more) with Allan over Skype as I did with my previous guitar tutor. I also love the fact that i don't have to leave the house, especially in winter! Highly recomended" - Rebecca 

"Im really enjoying my Skype lessons with Allan, it's so easy and convenient for me as I don't have to leave my house or the children, so it takes up far less time than visiting a local teacher. The lessons are fun and interesting and Allan sends me notes / tabs on anything were going to cover in the lesson so i have it all to hand while we're online. Being a little bit of a techno-phobe I was also pleased with how simple it was to use Skype, I just load it up on my iPad and press call, so easy! The quality of the picture and sound is better than I was expecting too, I can see Allan's fingers on the fretboard clearly and hear everything perfectly, I couldn't be happier with my lessons" - David

"I've been learning guitar with Allan for about 3 years now, and 6 months ago I had to move abroad, so I was worried I'd have to find a new teacher (which I really didn't want to do!) I can honestly say that the Skype lessons have been fantastic and actually, alot easier for me. We have a great time talking about music and playing during the lessons and I feel exactly the same way as when I visited Allan in person. I can't recommend him highly enough"  - Oliver

Prices & discounts


Please note: 
There are a range of discounts available for Skype lessons, all of which can be purchased online via the "shop" page of this website. The more you buy in advance, the cheaper it is.

All payments are made securely via Paypal. If you're purchasing lessons from outside the UK, PayPal will automatically calculate the correct price into your native currency.  

30 min lesson - from £15 
50 min lesson - from £22